The project was created especially for participation in the Suwałki Blues Festival 2010, but only at the end of 2011 the band played its first concerts. Several years of cooperation between musicians from Suwałki and Vilnius prompted them to establish a joint blues project. These are three very experienced musicians who present their compositions and blues standards in their own interpretation and with an interesting sense of blues phrases in acoustic versions. In 2012, they released a CD entitled ” “Union Of Blues”.

Virgilijus Jutas – vocal, acoustic guitar, harp
Aleksandr Belkin – vocal, acoustic guitar, ukulele, harp, percussion
Bogdan Topolski – acoustic guitar

Virgilijus Jutas – one of the best guitarists and vocalists in Lithuania. Leader of the Blues Makers band, which has been operating for over 25 years and has released six CDs. He is a regular guest of the largest festivals in Lithuania. He collaborated with American blues-rock singers, such as Jimmy Lawson and Gary Lowell, and with the harmonica virtuoso – Dov Hammer (USA). Recently he has opened concerts in Lithuania for artists such as John Mayall, Candy Dulfer and Chris Botti
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Aleksandr Belkin – guitarist, vocalist and harmonica, leader of The Road Band. He played in the first Lithuanian blues band, Hilda Blues Band. With this band he toured many European countries. In addition to playing in The Road Band, Aleksandr Belkin takes part in many musical projects together with musicians from Lithuania and abroad.
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Bogdan Topolski – guitar, takes part in many different musical projects, cooperates with musicians from the USA, Norway, France, Italy and Lithuania. Participant of many blues festivals in Poland and abroad, winner of awards for the best guitarist. Operating within the European Blues Union, he has been the artistic director of the Suwałki Blues Festival for 16 years. He recorded several albums. He also collaborates with the Moore Plays Moore (UK/PL) and Daryl Strodes Band (USA/PL).
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